We love the work that Lamdinscapes did on our yard.  They transformed a baron steep hill of weeds into the most beautiful multi-level patio and garden. We practically live out there now and everyone who sees it comments on how beautiful the yard is.  I would recommend LAMDINscapes to anyone!
 ~Terri & Bill G., West Chester, PA.

What Our Customers Say.....

Two years after I opened my own Chiropractic practice in BelAir I finally had the money to invest in the building complex where my office was located. I did some minimal work to the exterior of the building and my signage and employed Lamdinscapes to handle the landscaping. The office looks more professional and inviting and there has been a measurable increase in both new clients and retention. If I had known the impact I would probably have had the work done much earlier. I would recommend Lamdinscapes for any office or commercial site work.
~ Dr. Kevin L, BelAir, MD.

We did extensive work on our house, first a major addition and then we redid all the landscape and added new pavers and a retaining wall.  Our return on investment for the addition was a respectable 75 cents on the dollar, but on the landscape and hardscape that was done by Lamdinscapes the return was closer to $1.50 on every dollar we spent.  It was the best investment we made so far and looks incredible.
~Mike & Sharon C, Columbia, MD.

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Lamdinscapes was recommended to us by our neighbor after we were left with a mess from a previous contractor. Lamdinscapes gave us a great price to take over a headache that most landscapers wouldn’t have.  Lamdinscapes rebuilt everything, so that it was sturdy, level and much more aesthetically pleasing.  They were quick and reliable. I am so glad we found Lamdinscapes
 ~Daniel & Kim Long, Harrisburg, PA.